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What Are the Benefits of Wheel Spacers? (Explained)

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Wheel spacers are one of the most affordable, widely used, and flexible aftermarket part.

They have a wide range of sizes and thicknesses and can be measured and installed easily if the user has basic mechanical knowledge.

This article will go through the advantages of wheel spacers and demonstrate some of their many beneficial characteristics.

benefits of wheel spacers

Benefits of Wheel Spacers

The addition of wheel spacers may not seem to be significant, but they may make a huge difference.

Various benefits exist, such as the following.

Great Looks

Your wheels will be able to sit more flush against the wheel arches, this is especially important if you install a wide-arch body kit.

As a result, there is a bit more room between the wheels and the inner components behind them, such as the brake discs and suspension elements.

This will give your car a truly wide and unique stance on the road, increase wheel offset, and, in some cases, even improve mechanical performance.

Easy Installation

Installation is simple, easy and quick.

It's as simple as taking off the wheels and bolting the spacers on.

If you don't like the look of feel of wheel spacers, you can easily and quickly take them off.

An experienced mechanic could install a properly sized and matched wheel spacer in less than 10 minutes, a beginner could install a wheel spacer in 30-60 minutes.

wheel spacers

Very Inexpensive

Wheel spacers are usually very inexpensive compared to other modifications such as coilovers or an upgraded intercooler.

They are also very widely available and can be bought almost anywhere.

Just be sure to get the correct wheel spacer for your car.

Increased Brake Clearance

Using wheel spacers, you can move your wheels farther away from the wheel hub in which they are installed, enabling you to install bigger brakes as a consequence.

Increased stopping power is achieved via the use of larger brakes, making wheel spacers an excellent option for those wanting big brake kits.

Sometimes, big brake kits may require extra wheel clearance.

big brakes

Improved High-Speed Stability

Wheel spacers increase the track-width of your car.

An increased track width increases the roll stiffness of the car, reducing body roll and improving stability.

High-speed stability and cornering ability is especially improved.

However, one disadvantage to a wider track-width is a reduced steering sensitivity, this can be fixed in a multitude of ways, though.

Enhanced Customisability

Due to increased distance from suspension components, wheel spacers can also allow for different wheels and tyres to be fitted.

Sometimes, aftermarket wheels are deeper and may contact with suspension and other components without the correct spacing.

Therefore, wheel spacers can enhance customisability of a car, making modifications easier.

Downsides of Wheel Spacers

There are many downsides to installing wheel spacers too, such as the following.

  • Reduced steering sensitivity

  • Increased turning circle

  • Possibly worse fuel economy

  • Body and arch rubbing

  • Wider car

Overall, installing wheel spacers has many benefits but also has its downsides too.

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