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BMW M44B19 Engine (Design, Specs, Reliability)

Updated: May 25

BMW developed the M44B19 engine, a 4-cylinder engine producing 140 hp and 180 nm of torque, from 1996 to 2001 to replace the M42B18 engine.

Compared to the M42, this power unit has undergone significant design improvements in the engine itself, the management system, and the outlet system.

It has assumed a prominent role in the BMW four-cylinder engine development.

Table of Contents:

M44B19 engine


In this engine, a new crankshaft with an 83.5 mm stroke was fitted, the connecting rods were lightened, and the cylinder diameter was raised to 85 mm.

A new cylinder head with a revised valve drive is used. The intake and exhaust valves' diameters (33 mm and 30.5 mm) were also unaltered, as were the hydraulic lifters.

Standard M44 camshafts have the following characteristics: phase 240/244, lift 9.7/9.7.

The pump was upgraded, and it ceased flowing as a result. The intake manifold gained a DISA length modification mechanism, and the intake was totally rebuilt.

Bosch DME M5.2 has been installed in lieu of the engine management system.


  • Production years: 1996-2001 Munich Plant

  • Displacement: 1895 cc

  • Fuel system: injector

  • Power output: 140 hp @ 6000 rpm

  • Torque output: 180 nm @ 4300 rpm

  • Block: cast iron R4

  • Cylinder head: aluminum 16v

  • Bore: 85 mm

  • Stroke: 83.5 mm

  • Compression ratio: 10.0:1

  • Hydraulic lifters: yes

  • Timing drive: belt

  • Turbocharging: no

  • Recommended engine oil: 0W-30 / 0W-40 / 5W-30 / 5W-40 / 10W-40 / 15W-50

  • Engine oil capacity: 5.0 litres

  • Fuel type: petrol

  • Euro standards: EURO 3

  • Fuel consumption, L/100 km: city 11.0, highway 6.1, combined 8.0

  • Engine lifespan: ~300 000 km

Reliability & Issues

It must be kept in mind that the M44's timing belts are not particularly trustworthy.

Additionally, the unit is of a respectable age. Despite the fact that the motor itself is extremely stable and has a life of at least 300,000 km.

Listed below are issues with this engine.

  • Knocking. The primary cause of the M44-specific issue is a worn camshaft or hydraulic lifters and rocker arms.

  • RPM variation. It is essential to check the mass air flow sensor air duct for depressurization and fractures. Additionally, you should examine the lambda probe, idle valve, throttle, and the mass air flow sensor itself. In addition to all of this, the issue can be concealed by the camshaft's rotational degradation.

  • Power loss while accelerating. Nozzle obstruction is the typical cause. They need cleaning.

  • Overheating. You should first check for air congestion in the radiator, thermostat, pump, cooling system, and its plastic pipes.

  • Failing to start. Examine the spark plugs, overvoltage conductors, ignition coil, and fuel pump.


BMW M44B19

BMW M44B19 engine

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