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How Long Do Halogen Headlights Last? (Explained)

Halogen headlights are used on almost all vehicles from the factory. They are cheap, readily available, and effective. They don't have the same lifespan of other headlights.

Tungsten is used in the filament of a halogen headlight bulb. The filament warms up and glows as electricity travels through it, and this is where the light originates from.

Halogen headlights usually only last between 500 and 1000 hours. Compared to 10,000 hours for xenon, around 2,000 hours for HID lamps, and 30,000 hours for LED lights.

When compared to other headlight types, they almost always come last for quality, efficiency, lifespan, but they are very readily available and inexpensive to buy.

halogen headlight

What Should You Do?

Despite the fact that certain headlight bulbs are touted to endure hundreds or thousands of hours, practical issues are usually present. If a headlight bulb burns out quickly, there's a significant chance you're dealing with a manufacturing problem.

You may be able to take advantage of a manufacturer's warranty. While you may have to go through hoops to get a free replacement if your headlights fail inside the warranty period, major manufacturers' headlight bulbs are usually warrantied for a year following a purchase.

Before replacing the headlight assembly, it's also a good idea to examine it. Any contamination might cause it to fail prematurely, thus a worn-out or broken headlamp assembly could be a concern.

If a stone punches a small hole in one of the components, or if the seal breaks, water and road debris may be able to enter the headlamp assembly. Your headlight's lifespan would be drastically reduced as a result of this.

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