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How Long Do HID Headlights Last? (Explained)

HID headlights are not as common as other headlight types, they work differently and have a different lifespan.

This type of headlight lasts longer than halogen bulbs, but not as long as tungsten-xenon lamps. Instead of a glowing tungsten filament, these headlight bulbs use electrodes that look like spark plugs.

Although HID bulbs live longer than halogen lamps, they are not as long-lasting as tungsten-xenon bulbs. HID headlights have an average lifespan of roughly 2,000 hours, which may be lowered by a variety of reasons.

Compared to halogen and other headlights, HIDs come in second place for lifespan, halogens last for 500-1000 hours, xenons last for 10,000 hours, and LEDs last for 30,000 hours.

HID headlight

What Should You Do?

Certain headlight bulbs are touted to endure hundreds or thousands of hours, but despite this, practical issues are usually present. If a headlight bulb burns out quickly, there's a significant chance you're dealing with a manufacturing problem.

Sometimes, you may be able to take advantage of a manufacturer's warranty. While you may have to go through hoops to get a free replacement if your headlights fail inside the warranty period, major manufacturers' headlight bulbs are usually warrantied for a year following purchase.

Before replacing the headlight assembly, it's also a good idea to examine it. Any contamination might cause it to fail prematurely, thus a worn-out or broken headlamp assembly could be a concern.

If a rock punches a small hole in one of the components, or if the seal breaks, water and road filth may be able to flow into the headlamp assembly. Your headlight's lifespan would be drastically reduced as a result of this.

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