ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner (Unbiased)

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

I'm guessing you're after a vacuum cleaner for your car? I was too, so I bought ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner and tried it out myself.

Number one on Amazon, a best-seller with over 150,000 reviews.

How good is it really? Let us see.

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ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner review

Lightweight, Powerful & Versatile

At 2.4lbs, this lightweight car vacuum cleaner has a strong suction, powered by a 106W / 8.8-amps motor.

You can plug its 4.8-meter cord directly into your cars 12v cigarette adapter!

ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner is powerful and lightweight.

It is versatile and small, meaning you can get into every nook and cranny of your car's interior.

Unlike other large vacuum cleaners, this one is perfect for use in your car.

Easy to Use

It has an ergonomic design, a large handle, and three interchangeable nozzles.

This mini car vacuum is easy to wield, and its precision attachments can void dirt from any awkward spaces!

Nothing seems to escape ThisWorx vacuum cleaner!

Backed up by Reviews

Thousands upon thousands of reviews back up this vacuum cleaner.

On the US Amazon, this product has over 150,000 reviews.

In the UK, this product has over 1,300 reviews.

The average review is a 4-star review, with over 54% of reviews being 5-stars.

Another 20% of reviews are 4-star.

Let's see some reviews.

Other Reviews

Below are some reviews from verified purchases taken from the UK Amazon product page.


"Powerful for a little vacuum with a lot of attachable options. Easy to set up and the cable is long enough to reach the boot at the back. Easy to clean and empty. Very impressed with this product." - by Jennifer.

"Nice turnaround, nicely packaged to protect against damage, cleaned my car yesterday, nice sturdy car vacuum cleaner. All the attachments you're going to need, cleans very well if you let the vacuum do the work and don't press down to hard. I have a clean car at a good price!" - by Tony.


"This isn't a industrial Hoover & you wouldn't expect it to be but for its size I'm very pleased with the results. I have two large very hairy dogs & it cleaned my car without effort but I would recommend you get the 3 years insurance that's offered." - by 2Dogs.

"I was a little skeptical as I had bought a car hoover before and was rubbish but have to admit plugging into the 12v really helps and was pretty decent results. I don't have a mains power near my car so this was the only option and to be fair for the money and the accessories I was impressed." - by Samuel.

Disclaimer: The reviews quoted here are the exact words from the Amazon review; the only editing is improved punctuation and capitalisation and fixing any spelling errors.

You can read more reviews here.

Does It Work?

ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner works. It says it in the name.

I've been using this on all my cars; it's so valuable. It just plugs into the 12v socket in your vehicle and is so versatile.

For other vacuum cleaners, you have to get an extension lead to use it; you have to carry a heavy machine and fiddle with plastic tubing while scratching all your car doors and sills.

ThisWorx vacuum cleaner has none of these problems; it is lightweight, easy to use, it's versatile, you can store it in your car. It's just perfect.

My Review

For my ThisWorx review, I would recommend it.

I'm not being biased or saying this because I'm getting paid for it; ThisWorx does not sponsor me or give me an incentive to promote this product.

Genuinely, this vacuum cleaner works well.

You can learn more about ThisWorx or buy it on Amazon here.

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